The Best of IASL - the Int'l Assoc of School Librarianship 2012 conference

A panel of 3-5 people in ISLN (our librarian network) who attended the IASL (International Association of School Librarianship) Conference held earlier this week in Doha, Qatar, including Katie Day & Debbie Diaz (UWCSEA East), Susanne Clower & Pam Males (UWCSEA Dover), and Kate Brundage (SAS).  

Singapore was well represented.  Also attending from our network were Jeroen Callens (OFS), Alison Cuthbert (SAS), and Joanna Yu (Raffles Institution).

The theme of the week was "The Shifting Sands of School Librarianship" and the sponsoring organization of the conference was the Qatar Foundation, which is building Education City there.

Snapshot of the week:
  • Sunday was a pre-conference day of tours to an art museum and the national library.
  • Monday's keynote was by Eppo van Nispen was on creativity and library design - "Librarians wanted: dead or alive, the need for next-level librarians". To get a good idea what his talk was like, watch him here on TEDx Rotterdam.
  • Tuesday's keynote was by Joyce Valenza on curation and technology.  See all her conference info & links -- and her Google Doc on our Technology Slam.
  • Wednesday's keynote was by Stephen Krashen on reading and literacy.  To get a good idea what his talk was like, watch him here speaking about "The Power of Reading" at the Univ of Georgia's School of Education last spring.
  • Ross Todd of CISSL - Rutgers was also there and did a session on "Conceptions of the Next Gen School Libraries" and discussed the role of teaching & learning vis-a-vis information literacy.
A Storify of the conference by Laurie Halse Anderson, one of the authors, who was there.
A Storify of the conference by Joyce Valenza.

Photos up on Flickr by:
-- Joyce Valenza - IASL
-- Barb Philip/Reid - IASL

Looking ahead:
  • IFLA in Singapore, 17-23 August 2013 on "Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities".
  • Joint IFLA SSL - IASL workshop in KL, 24 August 2013, on "Advocacy for School Libraries".
  • IASL in Bali, 26-30 August 2013, on "Enhancing Students' Life Skills through School Libraries". A twitter account has already been set up for it: @iasl2013 - start following it now.

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